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Gujarat State Seed Certification Agency is Gujarat Governments Official Seed Certification Agency where you can find out the seed procedures its certification and value and also you can ask or take help of the material given in the site for your queriesseed certifiaction agency is the governments agency which controls the seed development in the statethis website will give you an complete overview of seed and its different partsyou can go through the site and also dowloads forms of your importance….


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The main objectives for which the agency is established are to:- A. Act as the seed certification Agency established under section-8 of the seed Act 1966. B. Discharge the functions entrusted to seed certification Agency under section 9 and 10 of the seals Act 1966. C. Maintain a list of source of Breeder and foundation seeds approved by the central seed certification Board. D. Outline the procedure for submission of application for growing, harvesting, processing, labeling and tagging of seeds intended for certification. E. To verify application in respect...


Purpose of seed Certification: The purpose of seed Certification is to maintain and make available to the public, through Certification, high quality seeds of notified kind and varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure genetic identity and genetic purity. Seed certification is also designed to achieve prescribed Standards. Certification Agency: Certification shall be conducted by the certification Agency notified under section 8 of the seed Act, 1966. Certified seed producer: Certified seed producer means a person/organization that grows or distributes certified seed in accordance with the procedures and...


High yielding Varieties program was launched in the mid-sixties, which created high demand for hybrid and high yielding varieties seeds. The government of India enforced the Act, 1966. and recommended the State government for settings up to seed certification Agency in the states. As per provision Section-8 of seed Act,1966 the seed certification Agency was established in the year 1969 by Gujarat State Government as separate wing in the State department of Agriculture vide Notification No GKH-426-HYV-1269/2270-V dated 09-07-1969. The question regarding status of the seed certification Agency was...